Decreasing your Environmental Footprint by Renting a Designer Handbag!

By Kikemonk
October 18, 2021

If you didn’t already know fast fashion is actually killing the planet faster than the carbon emissions that come from our cars and vehicles. With fast fashion increasing at a rapid rate, our carbon footprint has never been more important! With these massive brands producing millions of new products a day, the Carbon emissions are the worst we have ever seen. Finding new ways to reduce your carbon footprint is not only important it is critical! Here at Luxe Bag Rental we understand that supporting the luxury fashion industry is expensive, but by choosing to rent the bag it doesn’t have to be. Choosing to rent can help reduce your carbon footprint!

The Rental Model

The rental model is built around the idea of not buying an item outright but renting it instead. In our case, this means you can save thousands of dollars by choosing to rent a luxury handbag instead of purchasing one, as well as help reduce the carbon production. The rental model ensures that the item helps reduce carbon emissions due to more people renting the same luxury handbag instead of purchasing it. The sharing model ensures that the excess manufacturing or production of fast fashion is limited, thus resulting in the reduction of carbon emission.

In our last article we discussed how fast fashion is actually killing the planet faster 

  • The clothing and shoe industry account for more than 8% of the global climate impact. 
  • This number is more than all international flights and sea-based shipping logistics combined. 
  • 1.2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere each year.  

Contributing to a better world doesn’t have to be hard. Doing small changes in your daily routine can make a huge impact. By taking the initiative and deciding to make those personal changes, such as recycling more, using transit or cycling, or even by choosing to shop pre-owned or renting can help make a change.

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What Sustainability Means at Luxe Bag Rental  

Here at Luxe Du Jour, we want to help protect the planet we live on. By creating a company that not only provides an exceptional shopping service, but by also creating Luxe Bag Rental and using the rental model to help reduce the carbon footprint. This gave us the opportunity to ensure we lend out authentic designer handbags for a fraction of the cost of buying, while helping be sustainable to the environment. Who doesn’t love looking great while being environmentally cautious?

We’re constantly looking for new ways to give back to our world and to preserve the health of the environment!

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