How to Become a Luxury Fashion Influencer!

By Kikemonk
October 22, 2021

How to Become a Luxury Fashion Influencer!

Want to get signed by luxury fashion brands as an influencer?  However, it seems too hard or even impossible to ever get there? Knowing your audience and the content you put out there can play a huge role and can impact the endorsements and sponsorships you get.

Fast Fashion vs Luxury Fashion

Influencers who choose to work with many fast fashion brands such as Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things, or Shein, reach a specific audience that is looking for that content. This target audience is typically not the luxury fashion industry. Though this is not a problem if your targeted audience is that, just know that this will impact who you get signed by, as other lower end or fast fashion clothing companies will be attracted to endorsing you as well. Also for most influencers these brands typical payment is free clothing in exchange for a haul or review on their social media platform. These branded deals may be exciting at first, but if you end target is being sponsored by a luxury brand it could actually hurt you content. 

Fast Fashion Content 

Is there a difference? Well lets take a look at these Influencers below. These influencers have partnered with brands like Fashion Nova. Though they are all still beautiful and have a great platform, their platform may not be targeted at luxury fashion which is what we are here to look at. 

street fashion, fashion nova influencer

Street fashion, fashion nova

These photos are a great example of how the main focus of these images are the outfit. Brands like Fashion Nova are all about trendy pieces. These pieces are super trendy super fast, but are also out of fashion just as quick. These items tend not be timeless and have a shorter life spam. Content creators like this target a younger crowd, or individuals looking for inexpensive trendy fashion. 

Luxury Fashion Content 

Style bloggers, or influencers who do get partnerships with luxury brands typically aim to start off with high end retailers like Revolve. Because revolve has luxury items this is a great way to climb the ladder and get the endorsement from fashion houses Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balmain and many more. Choosing to build your content with branded deals from higher end companies such as Revolve helps you better target your audience from the beginning. Knowing which content creator you want to become is very important at the very start. Switching mid way can have a huge impact on your existing followers and impact your growth. 

Lets take a look at some influencers who focus more on high end luxury, and are sponsored by the top luxury brands in the world.



luxury fashion, chanel 19 bag




So what is the difference? These influencer Instagram’s like @taramilktea are very much high end fashion based. The photos are shot so the luxury items are in the center or main focal point. This attracts the correct audience, as the audience is here to see these designer items. When Influencers get signed up with these top designer brands many of them get gifted brand new Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior handbags so that they can promote the new styles. Another major key is how timeless these images appear. Everything from the accessories to the outfits to the hair seems a little more effortless, and have a sense of sophistication.