Is Renting A Designer Bag A Good Idea?

By Luxe Du Jour
December 20, 2023

Access to designer goods is now a possibility for everyone because Luxe Du Jour and Luxe Bag Rental allow fashion enthusiasts to rent designer handbags giving you a chance to try out different brands and styles without having to purchase the handbag first. 

Designer handbag rentals are becoming more and more popular, and this industry is growing because many people love luxury labels but are not entirely ready to purchase one. Rentals are a great way to test out a purse you have your eye on, and if you love it by the end of your rental period, you will feel confident about your purchase and will not hesitate to invest your hard-earned money on a designer handbag. 

Is renting a designer bag a good idea? 

This answer will depend on two things: why you want to bag it and if you have the money to buy it outright. 

Do you need a designer handbag for one night? Do you need it for just one special occasion? In these situations, renting a designer handbag would make sense because you only need it for a specific period and don’t need to pay full price, especially if you’re not interested in owning the bag. 

Renting a designer handbag is also a great idea if you want a luxury bag but are not sure about the style or brand you want to invest in. Renting would allow you to test out different styles and get a feel of the bag before you commit to a large purchase. You can assess how much you actually like the bag and whether or not you want to include it in your permanent collection. 

Budget-Friendly Luxury

Don’t have the money to buy a designer bag at the moment? At Luxe Du Jour, we offer rent to own designer bags so that you can rent your bag now and a portion of the money spent on the rental fees would go towards the final purchase price should you decide to purchase after. This way, if you love the designer bag you rent, you can purchase it for your own collection.  

If you find yourself constantly switching your wardrobe and style choices with changing trends, renting is truly a budget-friendly option that gives versatility. Plus, let’s not forget about the sustainable aspect of renting, and reducing that carbon footprint, which is a core mission value of Luxe Du Jour!

It’s important to note that there are lots of quality second-hand designer bags you can consider, and looking into the pre-owned market is another great way to purchase your very own designer handbag. At Luxe Du Jour, we are North America’s largest reseller of authentic designer handbags. Be sure to check us out at!

In Conclusion,

Ultimately, renting gives the opportunity to enjoy luxury brands without a major commitment. The versatility for trying out new styles, evaluating fit and quality before investing, or accessing designer goods for special events when long-term ownership isn’t required is partly why rental is growing in popularity.Are you ready to purchase a designer handbag? Luxe du Jour, a “Not-So-Basic, Good Place to Buy From” according to Cosmopolitan Magazine, has a beautiful, ever changing selection of designer bags at affordable prices, browse our website or app to find your dream bag. Want to know how to get started with your first rental with Luxe Bag Rental? Click here!