Let’s Talk Bag Rental!

By Kikemonk
September 30, 2021

Let’s Talk Bag Rental! 

How much money can you save when you rent?

Bag Rental is a great option to enjoy and afford luxury without breaking the bank!

Many of us are looking for that perfect bag for an upcoming event but can’t justify spending thousands to accessorize. You may also just want to test out the bag before fully committing. Luxe Bag Rental gives you the opportunity to rent the bag for 15 or 30 days (longer periods by request) and test it out. 

Why Bag Rental?

Renting designer bags is not only more eco friendly but it can also save you money! How much money? Let’s crunch some numbers below and see just how much one can save renting bags vs buying them. 

Let’s take these three bags as an example. If you rented a bag each month for 30 days you would spend a grand total of $1380 CAD. If you bought all three bags you would spend a total of $14,700 CAD. That means your rental price was less than 10% of the purchase price. In one year you can rent 12 different bag for approximately $3500 CAD. For example if you rented a new bag each month for three years you would spend the exact same amount as one brand new Chanel Classic Flap. However the best part is there are no strings attached when renting! Your ever changing style can evolve with your bags. No more commitment? Who doesn’t want that!