Why Renting a Luxury Bag is The Next Best Thing in Fashion

By Luxe Du Jour
March 12, 2024

Much like the stress that comes with shopping for a car, shopping for luxury bags is a commitment that luxury consignment companies are looking to relieve from their consumers. Consumers now have the ability to “test drive” the luxury bag of their dreams with companies such as Luxe Bag Rental, by paying a fraction of the price of a brand new bag to rent an item for varying periods of time. Luxe Du Jour’s mission is to make designer luxury more affordable and accessible all while playing a huge role in circular fashion. We want to encourage shoppers to “try it before you buy” because we want to provide luxury without the hard hitting commitment. The designer bag rental market is vastly growing as more and more consumers opt to make more conscious purchases, pushing the fashion industry towards sustainability and away from overconsumption.

The Bigger Picture: How Circulating Fashion through Bag Rentals Saves Our Planet

Overconsumption is known as one of the biggest issues that the fashion industry contributes to because it relies on people thinking they need to consume more goods, whether it be out of necessity or out of vanity. There is a surplus of production and sales of goods that has caused a rapid depletion of resources and ever-growing damage to the environment. The biggest contributor to overconsumption in fashion is the trend life cycle. Nowadays, especially with the popularity of social media, trends are more so fads. They become big overnight, get millions of people to participate, just to suddenly die out. The result of fads is millions of people buying goods to participate in the trend and immediately discarding it as soon as the hype dies down. The turnover rate is sometimes as short as owning/wearing the item ONCE. Purchases made out of impulse with no real plan for longevity in one’s closet is what makes this rate so short. The biggest way to tackle the overall issue of overconsumption and the rapid trend cycle is to participate in circular fashion and conscious decision making.

Circular fashion’s main objective is to elongate the life span of goods. According to an excerpt from The Journal of Cleaner Production, being “circular” would require the following:

“Companies should focus more on internal loops in the circular economy, addressing responsible consumption of their products and extending products’ duration in use, slowing internal loops before downgrading, recycling, or disposal. Lengthening the time products are in use—and at the same level of use—moderates the pace of demand, production, and consumption of new resource-intensive products, slowing the resource loop and negative impacts (Bocken and Short, 2016).”

Recycling is one of the biggest components of circular fashion, through reusing materials to repurpose or finding new uses/functions for an item. In the designer bag

industry, there is hardly an outlet to recycle materials as it would be extremely labor intensive. Luxe Du Jour contributes to the betterment of our environment through our entity: Luxe Bag Rental. Bag renting is our way of “recycling” old or unworn bags without having to exhaust materials or labor to break them down. Bags are kept in pristine condition so all renters feel like the item is practically brand new. We are also, in a way, preserving the culture of designer handbags by keeping relics that are no longer made from previous years, seasons, or collections.

Conscious decision making comes down to really thinking about our purchases and if that is really an item we can get a lot of wear out of. Renting is a mighty tool in learning to make better spending decisions because consumers will get to see the bag in person, use it, and decide whether they think it is something that aligns with their style and personal collection. If it isn’t something that works out, they can return it by the end of their renting period: giving someone else the chance at testing out or even purchasing that bag—the life span continues. Luxe Bag Rental hopes to be the trailblazers for the growth of designer bag renting to combat the issues of the fashion industry.

Why Should I Start Renting Bags?

The first question you might be asking yourself is: how does bag renting even work? Luxe Bag Rental lists hundreds of luxury bags from most major fashion brands (like Hermes, Chanel, and Dior to name a few) that potential renters can browse through until they find: the one. Next, renters select the length of their rental; periods vary from 7, 15, & up to 30 days. The cost to rent a bag depends on the style and brand but is only a couple hundred dollars compared to the thousands of dollars marked on a single price tag.

Rent to Own it!

As an incentive, Luxe Bag Rental is the first and only platform currently that allows renters to own the bag after and 50% of your rental fee goes towards the purchase price (if the item is eligible for purchase). If you as the renter don’t love the bag you can return it hassle free and rent a different one! This is an innovation within the bag industry as we have yet to see any other consignment or secondhand luxury business provide service the way we do. So now ask yourself: why should YOU begin your Luxe Bag Rental journey?

Is It Your First Time Shopping Luxury?

A majority of the world’s population consume fashion goods out of necessity and function. Not everyone is interested in the rich culture that comes with an interest in garments or accessories. Those that are passionate about fashion have an appreciation for big fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and more because of their innovation and impact on the history of clothing as we know it. Bags are one of the top grossing accessories that contributes to the success of these notable luxury brands. The design, materials, and craftsmanship that is put into producing a bag is what makes them priced for upwards of thousands of dollars at retail. Most people dream of owning a luxury bag but are turned away by multiple things: difficulty finding boutique locations, the price tag or simply not knowing what big name to invest in. So instead of racking your brain, Luxe Bag Rental solves these problems by providing a wide selection of brands at a reasonable price point on an online site. Yes, you would be missing out on the first time purchase experience from a boutique but, the bigger takeaway is that luxury bag purchasing is attainable: anyone who is interested in owning designer goods can do so with ease. It does not have to remain a distant dream.

Are You on a Budget?

As previously mentioned, the cost of a bag rental is minute compared to the retail price tag of these luxury handbags. To put things into perspective, let’s compare this famously desired bag: the Chanel classic jumbo flap.

Chanel – Official Website

Large classic handbag, Grained calfskin & gold-tone metal, black — Fashion | CHANEL

Retail Price: $11,000.00 USD

Luxe Bag Rental

Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo Black Caviar GHW – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com) 7 Day Period: $310.00 USD

15 Day Period: $440.00 USD

30 Day Period: $675.00 USD

Fully Purchase: $8,400.00 USD

Chanel has recently increased their prices to accommodate for inflation in today’s economy; the cost for labor and materials has risen so their prices must adjust. According to Madison Avenue Couture (2023), they advise: “The last price jump of 9% came in August 2022. Now we’re seeing double-digit increases up to 18%. So, if you’re planning to purchase a Chanel handbag, don’t wait.”

With Luxe Bag Rental, a full month’s worth of renting, the longest offered rental period, is less than 10% of the full price straight from the boutique. Should someone fall in love within 30 days (hopefully even less), they can fully purchase the bag for $8,400.00 USD minus 50% of the 30-day rental fee— STILL, significantly lower than the $11,000.00 price tag. Instead of being a victim to inflation and our struggling economy, make the decision to save as many dollars as you can.

Are you a Minimalist?

Minimalists are individuals who keep their closets down to items that bring them joy, or just feel right for their style. Their entire philosophy is centered around simplicity and conscious decision making. Barry Samaha, writer of “A Guide to Minimalist Fashion Straight from the Pros” (2020), sums it up well: “Minimalism, in essence, is all about taking away the flash and clutter. Ease and elegance are its hallmarks, and so is a neutral color palette.” So how is bag renting ideal for them? Bag rental allows for the ability to test if a bag can become a new staple and is truly worth the investment. With a wide selection of bags available, there are a plethora of classic options amidst unique pieces. Through rental, minimalists will also get to participate in a trend without veering away from their lifestyle because they keep it only for a period of time, not a full commitment. Growing closet clutter is non-existent. Trends are typically very eccentric and hardly ever make the cut of being a classic, however, that doesn’t mean minimalists can’t or don’t want to participate. Some may even be swayed into enjoying a statement bag. Thus, minimalists are granted the same freedom as maximalists, those who find joy in experimenting with fashion, just with more deliberation.

Are You Interested in Developing Your Personal Style?

Fashion is an unbounded spectrum; even with terms like minimalism or maximalism, there are infinite ways to express one’s self. How do you develop your own sense of style? You explore: participate in trends, go against the grain, or simply follow your instincts. Bethany Heitman of Reader’s Digest talks about developing personal style: “A lot of overconsumption and dissatisfaction with our wardrobe stems from the fact that we haven’t really taken the time to understand ourselves and our style.” Handbags are used for their function of carrying belongings but if your goal is to develop style, there are ways to make a bag be a part of your outfit. Being intentional when choosing every piece of an outfit, including your accessories, means you pay attention to details to convey a feeling or even a story. Don’t be afraid to play around with color, texture, or structure to spice up a look. Use a handbag to add a pop to a sleek, simple outfit or complete a color story.

Here are some of our top picks for staples and statements available for rent:


Dior Mini Saddle – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)

Hermes Birkin 25 Rouge Grenat Togo PHW – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)

Dior Medium Saddle Bag – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)

Chanel Classic Flap Jumbo Black Caviar GHW – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)


Chanel Chevron 17B Flap Medium Pink Caviar SHW – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)

Louis Vuitton Maxi Pochette Accessoires – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)

Chanel Westminster Pearl Flap Medium Black Lambskin LGHW – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)

Hermes Kelly 28 Magnolia Veau Evercolor PHW – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)

Chanel 22 Mini Blue Lambskin GHW – Luxe Bag Rental (ldj.com)

Who is Renting?

If you’ve ever been wondering who is renting designer bags we collected the data and did our own surveys within Luxe Du Jour and other similar companies that promote designer rentals. Women from the ages of 25-45 love renting and these women are often successful whether they are big time influencers, celebrities, socialites, entrepreneurs and women that are working in corporate! You would be quick to assume it’s the younger generation that might be renting because they may not be able to afford to own it right? Wrong! These are women with disposable income and can afford to own it but want to either switch up their personal style more often, dress to impress, try it before committing thousands of dollars to it.

Here is what our renters have said:

I own around 20 different designer bags and if I were to calculate how much money I’ve spent on them it would exceed over $100,000 but the funny thing is there are only 2 bags I really reach for on a regular basis and the other half of the time I’m waiting for the right event or the right outfit to wear the other bags with. I think renting is such an amazing idea for those who need a certain style of bag for events instead of tying up money in your closet for those bags you might only reach for a couple of times” – Joselyn C

I love renting because I’m always attending charity events, galas and my profession requires me to always dress to impress, especially being around other beautiful ladies that love fashion. The bag I wear with my outfit always becomes a conversation starter!” – Ada Y

I am a handbag collector myself and I would have never thought about renting until a rep from Luxe Du Jour reached out to me about an item I had sitting in my cart. They told me the bag was also available for rent if I wanted to try it first before buying it and I gave it a shot because what was there to lose?! It was like having a small insurance refund policy on the bag if I didn’t like it and had to return it so I said what the heck let’s do it! I ended up loving the bag so I purchased it. I got a great deal on the bag anyways because it was pre-owned and 50% of my rental fee went towards the purchase” – Tamra P

I have never seen a designer rental company offer Hermes Birkin bags and Kellybags for rent! I have a rental subscription with Vivrelle and Rent the Runway so I amall about the circular fashion but the fact that I can try an Hermes Birkin bag to seewhat the hype is all about is something new in the rental industry! Hermes doesn’thave a lot of their bags readily available in their boutiques on display where we cantry out different sizes and styles in person but they expect us to drop $10,000+ onthem when being offered is wild! This was the main reason I was drawn to Luxe BagRental even though they don’t offer a membership for rental. I think being able torent an Hermes bag is great!”

How to Rent an Hermes Bag?

There is no other rental platform that allows clients to rent the ULTRA COVETED Hermes Birkin / Kelly bag but here at Luxe Bag Rental you can! For diamond status clients who have built a strong buying / selling history with Luxe Du Jour or renters who have a strong rental history. The ability to rent an Hermes bag is exclusive to vip members so it’s important to build a strong relationship to unlock exclusive perks and benefits with LDJ!

Do You Want to Practice Sustainability?

Fashion enthusiasts have a great understanding that this industry does not always operate ethically or sustainably. According to The Guardian, “the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has calculated the fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year, while it is estimated to use around 1.5 trillion liters of water annually (2020).” Fast fashion, cheaply made and priced items that replicate trends during their peak as a form of capitalization, has led to an exponential increase in production and waste. The current state of waste is in dire need of change; not only are landfills being filled to the brim with clothing but third world countries are being burdened with “donated” goods that are too cheap to use. A big movement that aims to reverse the effects on our planet is sustainability. Sustainability in fashion means to ethically produce or shop with brands that have clean materials, clean production, ethical labor, or even practice recycling/upcycling. If you want to be able to make a difference in this issue, bag renting would fall perfectly into a sustainable practice. You wouldn’t be consuming and discarding, you’d be “recycling” and prolonging the life of a bag. A common practice of consumers today that is wasteful is to buy an outfit or accessories for the sake of an event or occasion. Instead of purchasing something with the intent of discarding after its sole use, you can simply rent a bag and return it by the end of the period; allowing others to use it as well. A small change in consuming habits like this is what can truly make a change, for the future of our world.

Bag renting is still a growing market and as consumers learn to understand the mechanics and benefits of this business, we should expect to create a new norm in fashion. Not only is it a tool to explore style, establish better spending habits, and practice sustainable consumption but it makes the dream of luxury, a reality. Start your bag rental journey with Luxe Bag Rental today!

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