Expert Ways to Keep Your Handbags Scratch and Stain-Free

By Luxe Du Jour
December 20, 2023

Designer handbags are an investment. You work hard to treat yourself to nice things every once in a while, and the last thing you want to see is a scratch on your new handbag. The good news is you don’t have to panic because there are steps you can take for designer handbag repair, and this guide put together with the help of our very own Luxe Bag Spa experts will help you keep your handbags scratch and stain-free.

Expert Tips to Care for Your Designer Handbag

  1. Be careful when using a protector spray: Many people want to slather their brand-new handbag with a protector, and no matter how tempting this may seem, it is not recommended that you do this on certain leathers. Leather bags that are pre-treated in the tanning process, and adding a protector can make it harder to clean later on. There are specialized sprays even for nubuck and suede, and specific leather skins, it’s best to consult an expert first to learn which direction to go or give us a shout at Luxe Bag Spa and we can help you. 
  1. Deal with scratches fast. Certain leathers are very susceptible to scratching. Smooth and light-coloured leather, in particular, can scratch easily, and if you notice a surface scratch, you can head straight to your kitchen cupboard to find white vinegar. Use a piece of cheesecloth or an old t-shirt to apply a small amount of vinegar to the scratch, and use a separate clean cloth to buff. The acidity in the vinegar will make the scratch swell, after which it will settle back into a similar pattern. This step may not completely eliminate the scratch, but will help it become less noticeable.
  1. Keep your makeup and any pens in a pouch inside your handbag. This is an easy way to prevent stains, and in the event that your pen explodes or makeup cases open, your handbag will not become stained. There are several styles and customizable handbag inserts that will help maintain the interior of your handbag. 
  1. Brush your suede bag. Experts recommend brushing your suede bag once or twice a month using a suede brush because this will help keep your suede bag looking its best. Do not allow dirt to rest on the surface because it will work its way into the leather and become much harder to clean.
  1. Use a damp cloth napkin to remove non-oil-based stains. Gently wipe the area in circular motions with a damp cloth napkin or a cheesecloth and use a second cloth to dry. Don’t work too long in the same spot, however, because you may take pigment out of the material. 
  1. Clean out your bag. Crumbs, gum and change will inevitably end up at the bottom of your purse, which is why you should clean out your designer handbag at least every other month. A lighter bag will help your purse last longer, and you won’t have to carry around unnecessary weight. 
  1. Store your bag properly. One of the best ways to prevent scratches and stains is by storing your bag properly. Place your bag in a dust cover and place it upright on your shelf. If your designer bag has chains or embellishments, cover them in tissue paper and store straps inside the bag to prevent scuffs.

Are you looking to restore a handbag but aren’t sure where to begin? Visit Luxe Bag Spa to send us your photos and receive a fast quote from our repair and restoration specialists! From leather restoration and colouration, corner and edging repairs to 24K gold plating services, we work to help maintain the life of your most beloved handbags! If you want to try minor repairs at home, Luxe Bag Spa offers their very own line of products that include leather conditioner, fabric/Patina cleaner, and also expert color matched custom dye pens for minor leather repairs you can do at home (especially those worn corners)!