Luxe Bag Spa x Business Insider

By Luxe Du Jour
August 9, 2022

Have you ever wondered how Luxe Bag Spa does a full restoration service?

The great team over at Insider has given you a behind-the-scenes look at how our team would do a full restoration on a previously white Chanel Classic Flap that has been passed down.

Our wonderful client shared with us the beautiful story of her bag:

“This Chanel bag was a gift from my mom. I had always vowed I’d take good care of it, but having younger siblings makes it hard to keep this promise. Sisters being sisters, we all borrowed each other’s stuff. It kind of became the sisterhood of the travelling bag! But after it was used and abused, my bag just sat in a dusty old corner of my closet. I wanted to get it repaired/cleaned so it could see the light of day again!”

We used one of our in-house products for this restoration; Luxe Bag Spa Leather Protection and Moisturiser.  Yes, it is “THE” product infused with avocado oil mentioned in the video. It is specifically designed for luxury designer handbags made of real leather, canvas or patent (not exotic, fabric, suede, etc) Formulated to restore dullness, add back moisture, safely and gently clean light surface marks and stains and protect the leather from being easily scratched, scuffed, cracked or creased.

Our Luxe Bag Spa team are trained professionals who are experts in restorations. We do not recommend doing a DIY restoration because if your DIY doesn’t turn out as planned, it can be extremely difficult to restore in the future. Trust our Luxe Bag Spa experts to bring your bag back to life. Get a free quote on our website today!

Bag Enthusiasts, have you had a bag service by us? If so, what was the story behind it?