10 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy A Fake Handbag

By Kikemonk
October 10, 2020

In the world of luxury fashion, some consumers purchase counterfeit products to save money while still wanting to appear to be wearing a high-end brand – or as the Migos would say, appear to be ‘bad and boujee.’ 

However, many of these customers aren’t aware of the dangers of purchasing counterfeit handbags, and its far reaching impacts. 

Inspired by Alux.com’s ‘15 Reasons To Never Buy the Fake Product‘, here are our top 10 reasons why you should never purchase a fake handbag. 

1. Counterfeit handbag sales cause an increase in the price of authentic handbags 

Each time you choose to purchase a counterfeit handbag, you’re contributing to a price hike of the authentic version and making it more unattainable for yourself and others to purchase. Authentic handbag prices take into account high quality materials and branding/marketing costs. When consumers opt to purchase counterfeit products, it forces luxury companies to introduce price hikes to recover lost sales. 

2. The handbags are of low quality 

Counterfeit companies are not concerned about creating high quality handbags because it isn’t their personal brand or label on the products. Many consumers assume that the quality of the counterfeit bag will be similar to the authentic version, when that isn’t the case. Counterfeit companies are focused on generating the highest profit at the lowest cost, which is done through the use of cheap materials. 

3. You’re harming the environment

Because of the low quality and high production rate of counterfeit handbags, they’re considered to be a form of fast fashion. The handbags need to be replaced frequently. You also will not be able to re-sell to a credible, authentic consignment store, which in turns produces more waste, and harms the environment. 

4. It harms designs and innovation

Many high-end luxury brand designers spend years in school receiving an education to help create innovative handbag designs that are unique and one of a kind. However, their effort, expertise, and time are undervalued when their designs are ripped off and sold in high quantities at prices well below their worth. 

5. Crime runs deep in the counterfeit industry 

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has reported that there there is a strong link between the counterfeit industry and organized crime. Many counterfeit luxury products are unethically produced, and the profit from the sales can in some cases be used to fund other criminal activities such as illicit drugs and migrant smuggling.

6. Usually, it’s extremely obvious the bag isn’t authentic 

The truth usually isn’t too hard to spot, especially when many counterfeit bags are made of faux leather and have misplaced logos and prints. 

7. It can be extremely unsafe and dangerous

The counterfeit industry isn’t regulated, and neither is its production process. The consumer’s health is never a point of concern, which is why these products may contain harmful chemicals or toxins that produce a cheaper product, but have devastating health effects on the consumer. 

8. You can go from being a victim of a crime to a participant

Buying a counterfeit product isn’t a crime; however, if you try to sell a counterfeit bag either knowingly or unknowingly about it’s authenticity, it is a crime in several countries across the world; you can face jail time and/or hefty fines that can range in the millions. Brands may also pursue civil action and sue you for copyright infringement. 

9. You’re supporting a dishonest business 

You, as a consumer, have purchase power – anytime you choose to purchase a counterfeit product, you’re providing companies built on deception and dishonesty with support and power. 

10. No paper trail, no customer service, no returns 

If you purchase a counterfeit handbag and are not satisfied with your shopping experience or the product, you’re not able to return the product, or raise your concerns to a customer service representative. 

Buy pre-loved instead of counterfeit 

You can still save hundreds and thousands off luxury designer handbags by choosing to purchase pre-loved items, instead of counterfeit products. This way, you’re still saving and paying for quality, but are not engaging in any illegal activity. You can can also sell the bag in the future to recover part of your investment. 

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