10 Tips on How to Score a Birkin

By Kikemonk
October 27, 2021

The Birkin! The most sought out bag in the world, but possibly the hardest bag to get as well. For many Hermes lovers, the endless purchases and years of waiting may feel dreadful or even impossible to score a Birkin. But lets discuss a few tips and tricks that may help you score one in store sooner. 

Here are 10 tips to help you score a Birkin!

Hermes Birkin 30 Blue Atoll

1. Don’t Switch Sale Associates

When you first start shopping at Hermes it is important to find the right SA as you will want to exclusively shop with them. Therefore, it is important to find a SA that wants you as a client and is welcoming. Once you find an SA you love, try not to deal with anyone else at your Hermes Boutique even if yours’s isn’t in that day. That doesn’t mean you can talk to other SA’s but try not to make any purchases. This will help you build a better relationship with your SA and therefore help your chances of being offered a Birkin. 

2. Visit your Sales Associate Frequently 

That is right, making time to go down to your local Hermes boutique and talking to your SA is a must. Remember they have many other clients all looking for the same thing (the Holy Grail bag, aka the Birkin). So keeping in touch with them and continuously visiting them will help boost your chances of being remembered when one becomes available. I would suggest visiting at least once a month. 

3.Suck Up to Your Sales Associate

Because you are competing with other high valued clients that they could offer the bag to, you need to make a mark and be memorable. If you are serious in buying a bag then you better be serious about becoming best friends with your SA. Don’t feel shy to call or text them frequently, and when in store its always nice to get to know one another on a personal level. Make sure to always be super friendly and take their advice. And remember SA’s work on commission and I’m sure they don’t mind making money, so frequent shopping with your SA is also a good way to get on their nice list! 

4. Be Ready to Spend Money on Other Hermes Products 

Buying various items from the ready to wear, fine jewelry and home décor is very important, this is because only buying leather goods may not get you that Birkin. Though this point can be quite controversial, as many don’t see the value in having to spend money to receive a bag, it is unfortunately quite an important step as it does help your portfolio. Buying these smaller items are in the desirable categories for your SA as they receive high commission on them. This includes Ready to wear, blankets like the Avoine, mugs and Fine jewelry (gold jewelry not the costume jewelry). You may have heard of the 1:1 ratio where your total spend influences what you’re offered. So the more you spend the more exclusive pieces you will be offered. Items like the Birkin 25, or mini Kelly’s are very sought after and therefore you may only be offered them if your a frequent shopper. Though for more common sizes such as a 30 a good rule of thumb is to spend 80% of the bags price tag, exclusively on the mentioned categories, for you to score a bag quickly. 

5. Try to Avoid Online Hermes

The online spend does help boost you Hermes Portfolio, however building a relationship with your SA is vital, so purchasing in store is important. Try to keep that exclusive relationship with your SA. 

6. Show your Passion for the Brand

Show genuine interest in the fashion house. This doesn’t mean just discussing about the Birkin and Kelly, but also discussing the other leather goods, or accessories. It is also good to discuss the items you want to add to your collection such as a scarf, jewelry or home goods. This helps make you more presentable and showcase that you are interested in the brand as a whole. Knowing your brand and having a rich history will impact how your SA sees you. This means its good to learn the basics, such as popular colors, leathers, sizes and the actual history of Hermes.

7. Dress the Part

Wearing your other Hermes items can help boost your appearance. Hermes doesn’t want anyone wearing their brand, therefore making sure you come presentable and look the part can be helpful. At Hermes showing off what you own is a plus! 

8. Keep your Wishlist updated 

Not only does this help your SA know what other items you are seeking, it also helps you stay in contact with your SA. It is important that your SA knows that you’re not just looking for a Birkin bag, but you’re open to other Hermes bags, ready to wear, and home goods. This is also a great way for your SA to get to know you better and get to know your style. 

9. Be Open to Choices

Being open to what is offered is key to scoring a Birkin Fast. Walking in and requesting a Himalayan Birkin or any exotic Birkin’s for that matter isn’t going to happen. So keep an open mind and make sure to tell your SA you’re interested in a various of colors, leathers, and sizes. Remember though to not be to open as Hermes SA’s also want this moment to be special and don’t want to offer whatever they have. Try and narrow down a range of colors such as neutrals, blues, pinks etc. It is important to keep in mind the more particular you are the harder it will be to find. 

10. Know What You’re Asking For

As previously stated walking into a store and requesting an exotic Birkin isn’t going to happen. Same goes for requesting the sought out Birkin 25 or even mini Kelly. With Hermes, exclusivity is very important and therefore they cannot just offer you their most desirable selection. Hence, if you really just want a Birkin, start by asking for less desirable sizes such as the Birkin 35, or 40. These bags have also been much easier to score with little to no pre spending and may be available at your boutique. 

Want more tips? Watch our YouTube video here!

Want Another Way to Score a Birkin?

The Preowned market is a great way to get a Birkin right away, without having to have a history with Hermes. This is why clients choose to skip the whole profile building game at Hermes and prefer to spend an extra premium price to get their dream bag on the preowned market/consignment. Here at Luxe du Jour we have a huge selection of Hermes Bags including many exotic leathers. Since we have locations around the world, we have access to a wide range of Birkin’s in all sizes, colors, leathers and exotics. This is why we are able to score Birkin’s such as the Himalayan Birkin for our clients. 

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