3 Common Handbag Care Mistakes

By Kikemonk
March 1, 2022

We always get asked about the most common care mistakes that luxury bag owners make. However, there are three things you should never do with your bag.

Never EVER, under any circumstances, put your bag on the floor.

One of the obvious reasons is the ground has dirt and bacteria that can transfer on to your bag. The dirt from the ground can stain your bag and transfer on to your clothes. If you are a chronic bag on the floor, you have two options: get your back cleaned at a bag spa and then purchase a bag hook to never put it back on the ground. In some superstitions, if you put your bag on the ground it means a loss of money (we don’t love that).

Overstuffing your bag

You do not need to carry a laptop, a hammer, a jug of water, scissors, and a pillow in your bag. Overstuffing your bag can make the bag lose its original shape. This is also the cause of wrinkles and creases in your purse. Most of the time, wrinkles and creases can’t be repaired; they can only be minimized. Prevention is key.


You do NOT need to store your bag in both the dust bag and the box for too long. This is the root cause of leather drying out. When leather dries out it causes the bag to not look as fresh and new. I noticed you ran to your closet to let your bag breathe… don’t worry, we have a great leather moisturizer that can make your bag look and smell amazing.


For more helpful tips or if you already did one of these bag care faux-pas, feel free to visit https://luxebagspa.ca/