4 Bags To Take You Back To Work!

By Kikemonk
June 15, 2021

Going back to work has been something that a lot of us have been looking forward to for over a year now.. Let us help you get back into the swing of things with the perfect bags to compliment your office wear!

Our office go-to is definitely in the form of a tote, however something with a little more room than an average bag such as the Chanel Classic Flap will also work! 

The top 2 things we are consistently looking for in a work bag are subtle and simple design, and of course enough room to fit all your every day items. We have narrowed it down to 4 different bags of various prices to ensure we have chosen something for everyone! 

The Birkin

While the Birkin is one of the most sought-after and expensive bags on our list, it makes a perfect bag for the office. If you are not worried about carrying your laptop (which may cause creasing and premature wear), having a proper insert will allow you to use your Birkin as a work bag! Our favorite part of wearing a Birkin to work.. is that only the bag lovers will know its value. There is a high chance that your boss will not know and so asking for a raise while carrying a $20,000 bag should not be an issue! 

The Classic Flap

The Chanel Classic Flap is just that… Classic! With its subtle details and design you won’t have to worry about looking too flashy. We recommend going with a neutral as your work bag so that it goes with every outfit! We also know the struggle of transferring all the contents of your bag to another at 7am on a Tuesday… Keep your life simple and find a bag that works for every outfit! Our favorite size is definitely the ML for work. It fits all your essentials without feeling too full and jeopardizing the structure of your bag!

The Sac De Jour

One of our all time favorite work totes is the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour. This bag is neither flashy nor too subtle and the boxy shape is excellent for adding a bit of an edge to any outfit! Not only can this bag handle your laptop, but because it has a sturdy structure, there is less chance of wear on the inner corners. The price of the Sac De Jour’s is also very reasonable compared to other luxury bags, making this our top pick for back to work!

The Antigona

It wouldn’t be a back to work email without the Givenchy Antigona. The jack of all trades in the bag world. Although this bag is the most spacious, it is not the largest which makes it a perfect everyday tote. The Antigona can fit absolutely everything you need for your work day, a laptop, notebook, wallet, you name it! Just like the Sac De Jour, the price is very reasonable and we take full advantage. The Antigona comes in so many fun colours, and normally we would suggest a neutral for work but we just can’t pass up the opportunity to brighten up an outfit with this gorgeous bag.