4 Easy Ways To Detect A Fake Givenchy Antigona Bag In Under 1 Minute!

By Kikemonk
October 10, 2020

Are you a Givenchy lover? We have identified 4 simple ways to verify if a Givenchy Antigona is authentic or fake.  This is a simple guide for you to understand and learn how to to detect a fake Givenchy Antigona quickly. 

Let’s jump right into this guide!

  1. Logo

If you look at the font of the fake bag, the letters are too spaced out compared to the real Givenchy bag. Another thing to note on the fake bag is that the letters are too thin.

2. Check the interior tag stamp that says “Givenchy Made In Italy”

As you can see in the fake bag, the words for “Givenchy” are too close together and it’s not quite readable. It also appears that the “Made In Italy” text on the fake bag is printed too deep. In comparison to the real one, the words for “Givenchy” are more spaced out and wide.

3. The reverse side of the tag

Between the two codes, you can see that the fonts are completely different, characters and size of the font.

4. Analyze the shape of the bag

The shape of the fake Givenchy Antigona is too wide and the sides are too curvy, compared to the authentic one. 

We hope these tips help you to spot a fake Givenchy Antigona. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to get notified on updates and our next blog!