7 Tips To Prolong Your Handbags Life

By Luxe Du Jour
June 14, 2022

Coming to you live from Luxe Bag SpaLuxe Bag Spa specializes in luxury designer handbag restoration services to make them look and feel as good as new. Over the years, we’ve helped many bag addicts and collectors restore and revive some of their most loved and cherished possessions.

Here are 7 tips to make your bag have a happy and healthier life.

1. Don’t throw out the silica packets

Silica packets are meant to absorb moisture and prevent molding inside your bag. They are extremely handy for leather bags. This is extremely effective in humid climates. 

2. Don’t hang your bag

Bags aren’t meant to be hung up! Bag handles aren’t designed to endure sitting on a hook or hanger for prolonged periods. This is causing wear and tear in your bag. Over time, your bag will lose its shape and wear out at the handles. We recommend placing your bags right on a flat surface on a shelf or a closet.

3. No overstuffing or understaffing

Speaking of losing shape…overstuffing can cause the bag to stretch out and deflate into shape. Meanwhile, under stuffing can make the bag lose its shape and cause permanent creases. How do you stuff? You can use a purse pillow, acid-free paper and a dust bag filled with paper. However, do not stuff your bag with newspaper; the ink can transfer and strain the lining.

4. Clean your bag

After each use, wipe your bag down with a leather wipe or dry cloth. Depending on the climate you are safe to moisturize your bag 2-3 every few months. When you see your bag has lost it luster or shine, you know it’s time!  (Something more so like that)If you are notorious for putting your bag on the ground, this will prevent the bag from transferring bacteria and from staining from any dirt it may have attracted. Interior can also use love, use a lint roller or a lint ball to pick up any fuzzies or crumbs.

5. Hardware shouldn’t be exposed for long periods of time

Exposed hardware can lead to it getting easily scratched. It can also cause indentation marks if the bag is leaning on the chain, zipper, or hardware. Wrap your chain with soft cloth and store the chain inside your bag. Please, please avoid placing your bags close together in the closet, they can scratch each other or even worse, color transfer.

6. Dust Bag Please

Dust bags prevent unnecessary light exposure which can lead to discoloration. If you don’t have a dust bag, you can use a cotton pillowcase or cotton t-shirt.

7. Bags are meant to be enjoyed

You spent the money! You should enjoy it! Bags need to be aired out every once in a while and they should be checked on to ensure they are mold free.

Bag Lovers, What’s your go-to bag care trick?