7 Tips to Spot a Scammer

By Kikemonk
January 24, 2022

We hate hearing stories about our fellow bag lovers being scammed. With the counterfeit market at an all time high in production and detail on fakes there is even more risk. So, How do we protect  ourselves from scammers? Here are some of our tips to spot a potential scam. 

1.Turned off comments

If all their instagram posts have their comments turned off, this is a red flag. Former victims will always comment on the accounts post about their horror story with the account to warn others not to fall for their tactics. Reputable companies will never turn off their comments. 

2.The Cost of the bag

If the price of a bag is extremely low it could indicate a counterfeit bag. If a seller is selling a Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap for $500…that sounds too good to be true. Scammers will use these prices to lure new customers into jumping into a purchase right away.

3.What do you mean you don’t take credit? 

If the scammer only takes western union, bank wire, zelle, email transfer, cash app, bitcoin or venmo, that’s a massive warning sign. Those types of payments have no security for the buyer, because if they scam you there’s no way you can retrieve your money back.Most credible sellers are able to accept credit cards or paypal. 

4.Word of Mouth

Reviews are crucial! If they have zero verified reviews – which means their name doesn’t come up when you google them. That could indicate a scam. Screenshots of text messages or dms, can be easily doctored, this could be the scammer talking to themselves as the review.

5.Pushing the sale

The scammer will offer you extreme discounts and next day shipping to make sure you purchase from them right this second and because of their payment methods you will never receive a refund if your item never shows up. That’s why they want you to pay right this second.

6.No Description of the bag

If there is no description of the bag, it might mean there is no bag to describe. Most reputable companies will always have a full description of every bag either on their website or listed right on the post. 



7.They only have “Unicorns”

If their entire feed is “unicorn” bags that are extremely rare – they are either hunting or they don’t exist. We often notice with scammers they will get many inquiries on these unicorn bags to lure victims into purchasing their dream bags. It’s very difficult to only receive rare bags.


These seven signs should be great warning signs if you feel like you are being scammed and always trust your instincts. My fellow bag addicts are safe out there. If you ever been scammed please share your story in the comments below to warn others of potential danger.