A Chanel Bag Stolen in Yorkville

By Luxe Du Jour
June 28, 2022

On Monday June 20th, 2022, in Yorkville Ave, two thieves saw an unattended Chanel bag while the client was in the restroom and cosmetic nurses were in the back. 

They ran in and stole the bag. However, on Wednesday, June 22nd 2022, anonymously beside a garbage bin at a Tim Hortons in Etobicoke, wrapped in a paper bag, the Chanel bag was returned but the contents of the bag were still missing. 

Evelyin Yin said to the Toronto Sun that she received a DM from the thief. “They didn’t want to meet up in person. Because they thought it would be too scary, especially if they thought the police would be waiting for them,” Yin said of the drop. Yin states she believes in them or works for a lash or tattoo business. The girls appear to be from Winnipeg and were only vacationing in Toronto. 

In a statement made by Peng “Evelyn” of Rejuuv Medi Spa on Instagram:

“These girls decided to come into our Yorkville store and take our client’s Chanel bag while everyone was busy in the back.

Never mind that it’s a luxury good item but the ability to take something that isn’t yours and ruin someone else’s day is beyond disgusting.

What’s shocking to many people is that these perpetrators appear/look normal. This is what modern thieves look like. The traditional thieves that I’m used to is normally in a hat to cover their identity and is wearing a backpack to swiftly place items inside. These girls looked like they were taking a stroll/shopping and just decided to steal last min.”

Bag enthusiasts, golden rule – do NOT leave your bag unattended. Pack a bag hook that way your bag won’t touch the floor and it is always right where you can see it. Do not post where you are until after you leave – this could make you an easy target for thieves. Keep a dust bag in your purse to keep your bag covered if it can’t be hung up.