All About Adjustable Card Holders

By Kikemonk
April 20, 2022

Adjustable Card holder:

Introducing our latest Luxe Du Jour Product; The Adjustable Card Holder Converter! You can easily transform any standard-sized card holder into a waist belt bag, crossbody or over the shoulder bag. It can easily transform any standard sized card holder (4.5″ x 3″) into a cardholder on chain.

This new feature allows you to fully adjust the length and repurpose your card holder into a compact functional bag accessory! The clip on the clasp allows you to remove the strap from this insert and attach it onto any other felt inserts or any bag or item with rings.

Here are some cardholder that would work wonderfully on the adjustable converter

Hermes Compact Wallet:

Hermes Constance Slim

Hermes Compact Bearn Wallet

Hermes Kelly Pocket Compact Wallet

Bag Addicts, have you tried our converters?