All About Balenciaga City Bags

By Luxe Du Jour
June 2, 2022

In 2001, the Balenciaga Classic City Bag was introduced at the time as the “Motorcycle City Bag”. The chief designer in 2001, Nicolas Ghesquière, created many prototypes of the bag before releasing the one we see outside and about now. However, at the time, Balenciaga didn’t want to produce the bag Nicolas had designed, stating it was “too soft and lacked structure”. Nicolas fought for his design and they produced 25 of the bags they used on runaways and gifted them to It-girls and celebrities. Clearly, Nicolas knew his design would take off because, now in 2022, the bag is still being rocked by iconic It-girls and celebrities.

This bag is still in style, and in stock. Here are the top picks for Balenciaga City Bags.

Balenciaga Mute City Bag:

Balenciaga City Bag Metallic Grey:

Balenciaga City Bag Olive Green:

Balenciaga City Bag Key Chain:

Balenciaga City Bag Black:

Balenciaga City Clutch:

Bag Lovers. What is your opinion on the iconic City Bag?