All About The Rodeo Charm

By Luxe Du Jour
June 30, 2022

Rodeo Charm wasn’t an immediate fan favorite. However, now it’s a must have for all Hermes lovers. It won the hearts of fans with its adorable shape and puffy texture. It comes in over 80 colors, with So Black, Rubis and Blue Zanzibar being the rarest colors to get your hands on. The charm is made from Milo Lambskin, a soft leather commonly used for gloves and accessories. The leather remains smooth with use, making it perfect for the charm. Did you notice the leather strap hanging on the saddle similar to riding a horse, the strap is long enough to be wrapped around the bag twice to secure it.

The accessory comes in three sizes:

PM: 9.7cm x 7.8cm

MM: 12.7cm x 10.5 cm

GM: 13.3 cm x 11.1 xm

Bag Enthusiast, not to worry we have rodeo charms in stock:

Rose Mexico

Anemone, Izmir Blue, Fawn

Rose Azalea

Rose Azalee, Vert Cypress, Bleu

Blue Saphir, Bouton D’or, Rose Pourpre

Blue Izmir


Bag Enthusiast, what is your dream color in the Rodeo Charm?