All About The Sac De Jour

By Luxe Du Jour
July 6, 2022

Q: What do you call a bag that shops at Luxe Du Jour? 

A: A Sac Du Jour

*cue audience laughter*

Dad jokes aside, Sac De Jour is French for “bag of the day”. It was released in 2013, when Hedi Slimane took over, dropped the “Yves” in the name and renamed the brand to Saint Laurent. The bag was inspired by the Hermes Birkin and this was Slimane’s modern-day take of the bag. The Sac De Jour was an instant fan favourite with its sleek lines, simple design and roomy interior. Celebrities all over the world were rocking this bag. The backlash it did receive was regarding the similarity to the Birkin. This bag doesn’t hold its value like a Birkin, making it not the best investment bag. This would be a great bag to purchase in the pre-loved market. 

Authenticity Tips:

-Ensure the zipper always says: “Saint Laurent”. All hardware should be thick and heavy.

-The Lock and Key should have the Saint Laurent Logo

-The logo inside should be the same as the embossed on the exterior. 

-“N” and “T: at the end of Laurent should touch slightly at the top, the font of Saint Laurent should be Helvetiva and the “Paris” in the font Copperplate a serif font. 

-The interior lining is ultra-suede and the raw seams are coated in a glossy wax.

-Kinda a dead giveaway. The bag should smell like leather (you know the scent) and it shouldn’t smell plastic-y or chemical-y at all. 

Bag Enthusiasts, Luxe Du Jour is the place to get a Sac De Jour (I had to). Here are some of our top picks for Saint Laurent’s Sac De Jour.

We have two of the same bags, do bestie or mother daughter bags exist anymore? 


Black + Studs

Burgundy Embossed Croc:

Bag Enthusiasts, what is your everyday bag?