Brief History Of Chloe

By Luxe Du Jour
June 16, 2022

Gaby Aghion saw the need for a ready to wear concept that was meant to be for young and fabulous French women. In 1950, the demand for haute couture was at an all-time high. Aghion launched her own luxury fashion brand called Chloe.

Gaby Aghion grew up in Egypt and finished school for political science. In 1945, she moved to Paris with her husband and was surrounded by art from painters such as Pablo Picasso and poet Paul Eluard. She turned to her husband and told him she needed to work, she was not meant to sit around and do “lunches’ ‘. Thus, she started starting her own fashion label.

Jacque Lenoir, Aghion partner handling the business side, was able to focus her efforts on design. Making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing labels. Chloe was created to combine youthfulness and femininity. Her goal was to remove the long fitting process for elite women and make them all ready to wear. In 1952, she named the brand Chloe after her friend she believed embodied delicate glamour. In 1956, the first Chloe show took place in Cafe De Flore – from there the brand began to flourish.

Gaby Aghion was definitely a force to be reckoned with. Chloe still remains to be one of the top luxury brands.

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