Brief History of Prada

By Kikemonk
April 7, 2022

Mario Prada originally founded Prada in 1913, however, it didn’t make an impact in the fashion world until Miuccia Prada took charge of her grandfather’s company in 1978. Prada was originally a leather goods firm. Initially, it sold animal goods and imported English steamer trunks and handbags. Miuccia Prada’s initial success was selling a nylon backpack with a silver triangular label. Shortly after, her shoes and handbag designs became popular in various international markets. In 1989, they added their ready-to-wear line, in 1992 they founded Miu Miu, a slightly less expensive line, and finally they added Prada Sport. Miu Miu was Miuccia Prada, a nickname of her family.

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