Chloe x Sarah’s Bag Collaboration

By Luxe Du Jour
July 14, 2022

Chloe has announced an exciting collaboration with Lebanese designer Sarah Beydoun. The collaboration emerges in the brands having a similar pillar in uplifting women and their artistic vision and cultivating craftsmanship. Sarah’s Bag was established in 2000 and has been seen being rocked by celebrities like Beyonce. 

Sarah’s bag motto: “create elevated handcrafted fashion pieces to empower both the women who make them and those who wear them.”

Sarah Bags did a spin on the Chloe’s Classic Woody tote in a nano size. The collaboration includes two handbag designs; Edith and Woody. The artisans in the collaboration worked hard to complete the collaboration and the potential it has for Sarah’s Bag as a brand. It takes around 41 hours to complete an Edith Nano entirely in crochet. Each bag is made of 23 individual pieces, the bag is a labour of love. 

Bag Enthusiast, What do you think of the collaboration?