Buy Now and Pay Later! Luxury made Affordable

By Kikemonk
June 29, 2021

The prices of Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and other brands keep going up in prices especially with the recent Chanel price increase of upwards of 10% making it harder for consumers to justify the prices and that’s why are determined to make luxury affordable.

Paybright offers up to 36 months of financing the longer the term the higher the interest but you could be qualified for 0% interest if you choose a shorter term like 1-3 months! That’s even better than our layaway program because you get to enjoy the item first while making the smaller manageable payments later. If you don’t prefer to do a soft credit check or you don’t get approved from paybright we still have our interest free layaway plan which still allows you to break down the payments!

The great thing about Paybright is when you get pre-approved of a shopping limit with them they will increase your shopping limit if you have a good repayment history with them so it’s best to get started and start building your relationship with Paybright.

If you are not interested in using Paybright, you can always use our Layaway program! This program is available for items over $500 and works as follows: 

For items over $2000, pay 30% down and you have 2 months to pay off! For items between $500 and $2000, pay 50% and you have 1 month to pay it off! 

We understand that making a huge purchase all at once is not doable for the majority of our clients, so we are committed to making your shopping addiction much more affordable!