Chanel Price Increase 2021

By Kikemonk
June 29, 2021

Well, it’s happening again! Chanel is increasing their prices and it is looking as though it is steeper than ever. Our sources are now saying that the increases are anywhere from 12-15%. This could mean up to a $1000 increase. 

All of the most popular bags are going to be hit with the new increase, which is no surprise to us bag lovers. There has never been a better time to buy pre-loved. With the new increase, Medium Classic Flaps are expected to exceed the $7500USD mark and just under $7000 USD for the small classic flap. And of course, our beloved Chanel 19 will be increasing as well. All of this is expected on July 1st, 2021 which of course will increase the fall 2021 season as well. 

How is the pre-loved market impacted? 

Simple. Supply and Demand. Because of the increase, these bags will be purchased less which means that the pre-loved market will boom. Have you thought about selling a classic Chanel? This may be the time to do so! With the new huge price increase, you can expect to find Chanel bags well under retail on the pre-loved market. 

Let us know how you feel about the rumored Chanel price increases. Will you still purchase that new 21A or 21B classic flap, mini, boy, or Chanel 19 you had your eye on this summer?