Chanel Price Increase – Why You Should Invest in Chanel Handbags Today

By Kikemonk
October 29, 2021

If you don’t already have your hands on a Classic flap, the time to get one is NOW! The rumors are true, Chanel is set to have yet another price increase on November 3, 2021. That’s right only a few more days before we see another price increase! Following the major price increase that occurred on July 1st, November’s increases may just be as high. So hang onto your flap bags because the price increases over the past few years have been astronomical. Chanel Classic Flap Price Increase 2021 Luxe Du Jour

Despite hearing many rumors circulating around, our information comes straight from the source. Chanel Sales Associates have confirmed the increases will occur. Unfortunately, that means Chanel Classic Flaps are almost the same price as a Hermes Birkin retail value. And with Chanel Classic flaps being harder to get these days in store, who says that we won’t be seeing another fashion house making these bags just as hard to score as a Birkin. 

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Chanel Price Increase

Now the question on everyone’s mind is, just how much of an increase are we expecting to see? In our previous blogwe looked at the price increase over the years. As you can see in the chart below we’ve seen some drastic change in the past few years, with a significant increase in the past year. Chanel Classic Flap Price History Luxe Du Jour

We previously estimated around a 5%-10% increase. Sadly it looks like it may be even higher than that! This new 12-15% increase comes right after we witnessed a steep increase just in July of this year where all classic flap sizes increased approx 15%. Though Chanel is seeing price increases company-wide we will only be focusing on the Classic Flap increases. Let’s take a look at the new prices for this upcoming month!

Chanel Price Increase graph 2021

With these new prices starting November 3rd, Chanel Classic Flaps will increase everywhere. That includes the Pre-Loved Market. If you are looking to get a Classic Flap now is the time to buy one! At Luxe Du Jour we take pride in our bag collection especially our large Chanel Collection. With hundreds of new arrivals, we always ensure our collection is diverse and the prices are reasonable. With Chanel price increases occurring rapidly this is also a great time to consign with us! Sell your bag at a premium price today!