Designer Handbag Care Tips

By Luxe Du Jour
June 11, 2023

Designer bags are an investment, and you need to protect your purchase. If you want to enjoy your handbag for a long time and maintain its original condition and appearance, care is required, and the following tips will help you care for designer handbags:

Regular Maintenance

Empty out your designer bags every once in a while to remove dust. Unless otherwise stated, it’s also recommended that you wipe down the exterior occasionally with an alcohol-free wipe. Do not handle your bag after applying hand lotion, and avoid handling your designer purse if your hands are dirty. 

Remove Stains Immediately

The source of the stain will dictate the removal technique. Water spots, for example, should be blotted and should dry naturally, whereas crushed white chalk should be used for food stains. Allow the white chalk to sit on the stain for many hours, and then wipe it away with a clean cloth. If there is a bad odour, store your bag with a baking soda pack inside and zip your handbag closed. Dryer sheets are also effective and work wonders if you leave them in for several days. 

Protect Your Handbag’s Interior

Products like cosmetics, pens, and hand sanitizer should be placed in plastic baggies or plasticized pouches. These items should not roll around freely in your handbag because they can stain the material.

Use The Right Care Products

Leather can be rubbed with leather cream or balm with a clean white cloth, after which you must use a dry cotton cloth to buff. A suede brush should be used to clean and revive suede. Always read the instructions carefully to ensure you are using the right product for your handbag and its material; otherwise, you can damage your bag. 

Store Designer Bags Properly

Designer bags should be stored upright in their dust bags. A cotton pillowcase will do the trick, although you should never store your bag in plastic or non-breathable bags. Do not pile your bags on top of one another, and we recommend stuffing your bag to maintain its shape. Always store designer bags out of direct sunlight. 

Seek Professional Help

If your bag is in need of professional care, check out or Luxe Du Jour Bag Spa where our designer bag care team will restore and revive your bag to make it feel and look like new.  From simple cleanings to more intricate restorations, Luxe Bag Spa is the perfect destination for your luxury handbag spa needs.


Handbags are constant companions. They are always by our side, and the reason why they are a good investment is that when properly cared for, their value will increase for years to come. Caring for designer bags properly will allow you to use your handbag for years to come, and you can preserve your favourite designer pieces for as long as possible. Are you ready to invest in beautiful designer bags? Luxe du Jour has a great selection of luxury bags for sale, and you will find the perfect handbag regardless of your needs or style preferences. Browse our site today to find your dream purse!