Drake Gifts $1.5 Millon Dollar Rolex

By Luxe Du Jour
September 20, 2022

Toronto rapper Drake is a betting man, as recently with his acquisition of the online betting site  “Stake”. Where he posts some generous bets on sporting events and likes to show off in his instagram stories.

Drake’s recent bet was a parle for both Molly McCann and Paddy Pimblett to win their UFC fights. He bet a hefty amount of $1.5 million USD, but Drake could smell success and ended up winning $3.7 million USD. He promised fighter Molly McCann a Rolex if he wins his fight, a promise Drake indeed kept.  As a thank you to both fighters, he gifted the fighters luxury watches.

Drake aka Champagne Papi posted on his instagram: “Rollies for Meatball and the Baddy. Secured the W & the rollie.” which translated from “Toronto mans” means he bought both fighters Rolexes for their wins. Both fighters went on instagram to say thanks for their lavish gift.

Watch Enthusiasts, Which Rolex are you on the hunt for?