Fake Alert! Gucci Soho Disco

By Kikemonk
June 10, 2021

See how our experts determined this was a fake bag! 

We catch multiple fake bags a month trying to sneak its’ way into Luxe Du Jour and we have found that a majority of these fakes were purchased through Kijiji, Facebook marketplace or as a gift from someone. This is a reminder that fakes are everywhere and we are determined to help stop the circulation of fakes. Every month we will showcase one fake item and share some tips on what to look out for. It is very important to always purchase from reputable sources when it comes to buying expensive designer handbags.

Here is a close up look at this fake Gucci Soho Disco that a client purchased online. This Gucci soho might look close to the original but is far from it. Especially when you feel this bag in person… Our in-house expert was able to identity this fake immediately by the feel of it. After further inspection our expert was able to confirm 100% that it was a counterfeit after seeing the Gucci engraving on the hardware and the wrong date code font.



The client reached out to this online site and they would not offer a refund on this item due to it being purchased over a year ago.

However, we wanted to express how important our lifetime guarantee of authenticity is for all our clients when you purchase through Luxe Du Jour.

We want to thank all our clients for trusting us and shopping sustainable pre-loved.