Fake Gucci Marmont

By Kikemonk
October 6, 2021

Luxe Du Jour does not condone or sell fakes/counterfeit items. We stop and catch counterfeits and try to prevent them from being circulated back into the community. Here is a recent fake bag we just caught. This fake however was a really bad fake. These are much easier for the general public to spot vs super fakes which can be quite deceiving.

We are very active in the community and in multiple groups and selling platforms that we have heard about this girl by the name of Kim. She goes by multiple alias when selling on kijiji and facebook marketplace to scam buyers into purchasing counterfeit bags claiming they are authentic. Some victims have come forward with the description and it seemed to match the same description of this lady coming in and trying to sell counterfeit to our company.

She made up very realistic stories that went into depth on how she purchased the item from Gucci store in the US and couldn’t bring over the receipt due to customs. However, upon retrieving the item our in house experts immediately knew it was counterfeit by the feel and look of the bag without it even having to undergo our microscopic process.

We notified her that the bag was counterfeit and that we will not be proceeding with processing this item. Any item that does not pass our authentication process never gets processed and posted on our website or platforms.

We do believe that this is not the only counterfeit she has since we have multiple local victims in Calgary notifying us of her actively selling “good deals” on Kijiji and facebook. Example of a good deal was a brand new Louis Vuitton palmsprings mini for $1900 CAD. This is a red flag and buyers should take extra due diligence when seeing such a “GOOD DEAL” online as it could lead to unfortunate incidents like purchasing a fake.

It’s frightening to know that these counterfeits come with fake authenticity cards and fake receipts. When you are purchasing from a private seller with no reputation these are the things you may need to worry about. They can disappear at anytime and change their persona. They do not have a reputation built or to upkeep. Here are photos of some of the fake receipts.

Luxe Du Jour is dedicated to building a safe platform for our community and clients who love authentic designer handbags.