Heart Evangelista: The Art Of The Birkin

By Luxe Du Jour
August 25, 2022

Do Hermes bags gain value or lose value if they get one of a kind artwork painted on them?

Heart Evangelista is an actress, artist, influencer and wife of Philippine Senator Francis Escuadero. She is also a luxury bag enthusiast and owns her own lavish fashion collection. Heart is known for her art and not only does she paint canvases, she also paints on Hermes Bags. 

How does one start painting bags? Well, if you’re Heart Evangelista, it’s kind of a funny story. She once accidentally spilled cheese fries on one of the orange luxury designer bags. Heart took it upon herself to look up the best ways to cover the stain (psst… send it to Luxe Bag Spa). She stumbled upon a post that Kim Kardashian owned a hand-painted Birkin. At that moment, Heart Evangelista decided to paint her luxury leather purse herself. She took to instagram and shared her artistic talent with her 6 million followers. Heart was then commissioned by celebrities and international Hermes collectors to get their own bags painted; she’s had over 50 commissions to date. People commission her out for spillage on their own bag, for personalised art or just to spice up their bag.

Just like Hermes, Heart also has a wait-list for her one of a kind personalised paint jobs. She charges around 90,000 Philippine pesos, which is around $1800 USD or $2333 CAD. She limits how many commissions she takes on to give her clients exclusivity.  Heart does let you personalize what you would like on your bag, she makes note of your personality and bases it off of you. 

Hermes approves of Heart Evangelista so much that they organise an event for her. She is an avid Hermes collector and has a special relationship with the luxury fashion house. She got the approval of the French fashion house.

Bag Enthusiasts, would you get your Hermes bag with personalized art? Leave your thoughts below.