Hermes Filing For Trademark in The Metaverse

By Luxe Du Jour
September 6, 2022

Who remembers Meta Birkin? It was a NFT not made by Hermes, but by Mason Rothschild. Hermes was not happy about the transforming of their bags for profit into NFTs by Rothschild and there was legal action taken.  Allegedly, Hermes claims the “Meta Birkins brand simply rips off Hermes’ famous Birkin bag trademark by adding the generic prefix ‘meta’ to the famous Birkin trademark”. The lawsuit could be a potential reason for the company to file its own protection within Web3 and Metaverse. 

Fast forward to August 26th 2022, a trademark was filed by Hermes for the Metaverse. The luxury fashion house filed for its name in the NFT and virtual currency market, crypto, NFT trading, virtual goods marketplace, clothing, footwear and fashion shows. If the trademark goes through, Hermes will offer a computer game software which has virtual “goods” and, most importantly, authentication service using e-commerce technology, a game changer.  Hermes also filed for “retail store services featuring virtual goods” and “providing an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of virtual goods”.

Hermes is joining the likes of Louis Vuitton and Gucci who released NFTs earlier this year. What this means for Hermes brand Metaverse fashion shows, crypto currency and their very own NFT.

Bag Enthusiasts, What are your thoughts on Hermes joining the Metaverse?