How to Authenticate Gucci Handbags

By Kikemonk
January 17, 2022


Authenticate Gucci Handbags

The counterfeit industry unfortunately has become more prominent with the mass use of social media. We seem to be seeing Tik Toks with DHgate hauls, reels showcasing fake bags and horror stories about buying counterfeit bags and paying the retail price for the bag. We unfortunately have gotten a few fake Gucci bags in our office,  many clients didn’t even realize it’s fake – they received the counterfeits as gifts, they unknowingly bought it second hand, sometimes the fakes can seem very real. Us bag addicts have to protect themselves and here are some ways to detect a fake Gucci Bag.

  • Serial Number Tags
  • Inside your handbag near the interior zipped pocket there should be a leather tag with sharp corners.  The front of this tag should have three lines of embossed text (heat stamped) and the back of the tag should have the serial number. On the front of the tag ensure the top line is the “®”. The second line should say “GUCCI” in all capital letters in the classic Gucci font. Pay attention to the font, the ‘G’ and the two ‘C’s should be round, almost like incomplete circles. The third line should be “made in italy” in all lowercase letters. The embossed Gucci should be in the centre of the tag.

    Gucci Serial Number

  • If it looks fake, it’s probably fake
  • Gucci only uses the highest quality materials with impeccable craftsmanship. That’s why vintage Gucci still looks in impeccable condition. When buying a pre-loved Gucci bag examine the bag, feel the material it is made of. Counterfeits usually use cheap materials and the leather will feel cheap and plastic and it usually smells of chemicals due to it being factory made. 


  • Be a snitch, check the stitch
  • Authentic Gucci bags have precise stitching, typically the thread is the same color as the bag itself (not always the case). If the stitching is uneven, has gaps, it doesn’t have a crisp line, it’s fraying – the bag is most like a counterfeit. 

  • The Authenticity Card
  • A “controllato” card is issued with every new authentic Gucci bag. However, if the counterfeit market can create a realistic fake, they can’t fake the “controllato” card. The authenticity card shouldn’t be the first place you check to determine the bag’s authenticity. The “controllato” card is grey in color, featuring the ‘GUCCI’ font logo, 10 numbers, and says “controllato” in all lowercase font. When buying a bag secondhand do not be alarmed if the bag doesn’t come with the authenticity card as it could still be authentic – just lost due to use of the bag.

  • Hardware
  • Gucci hardware was made to stand the test of time. The hardware is also where Gucci places their logo or a unique design. Such as the overlapping G’s. horsebit closures, the piston lock and the bamboo closures and handles. Feel the weight and the material of the Gucci hardware it should feel like there’s some weight to it. Counterfeits usually have plastic hardware making them feel light and scratch-prone. Don’t forget to check the zipper. Gucci zippers are solid metal and have the “GUCCI” engraved on them.


    Be safe out there bag addicts! Let me know what your favourite Gucci bag is?