How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle

By Kikemonk
December 23, 2021

The fashion industry is due for some karma after reviewing their carbon footprint. According to the World Bank, the fashion industry makes up for 10% of the world’s annual carbon emissions At this pace, the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions will surge more than 50 % by 2030 (yikes).

Thankfully, there’s a new trend thanks to many fashion influencers, Tik Toks and a new generation of those who promote thrifting, reusing and reselling fashion. In May 2021 we saw Levi come out with a initiative named “Buy Better, Wear longer” were influencers such as Emma Chamberlain (queen of thrifting) was promoting sustainable fashion.The initiative encourages customers to shop second-hand and favor quality and sustainably sourced materials, while also highlighting some of the fashion industry’s environmental impact over the years.

Many brands have stepped to become more sustainable. If we work together as consumers and business owners we can lower fashion’s carbon emissions. We’ve highlighted some brands we think are doing their part in helping consumers live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Rue Cambon Vintage sells upcycled designer jewelry from vintage buttons and zippers. They create one of a kind designs… authentic and one of its kinds? Sign us up. Rue Cambon Vintage is also made in Canada, and prides themselves on only using quality materials and findings.

Blueland makes eco-friendly cleaning products with an innovative formula and reusable packaging.There is no plastic waste on any of their products, which is great for workspaces, homes and even your car. We’ve officially made the switch! 

The Bougie Bag creates accessories that help extend the life of your designer handbags by protecting them when they aren’t in use, plus they are very stylish and make closet organising so much easier (three birds, one stone?). These handcrafted dust bags come with an image of your bag.

At Luxe Du Jour, you probably noticed your bag might come in a box that may be reused from another brand, not only does this protect it from your neighbours thinking it’s something exciting inside. It also is our way of reusing boxes and keeping the carbon footprint low.  Re-using boxes encourages responsible consumption by extending the life of an item that has already been produced.We all must do our part – together we can lower fashion’s footprint.

Now, there’s an overarching questioning, how can I help?

Easy, we are encouraging you, (yes, you our little bag addicts) to live a sustainable lifestyle by extending the life cycle of an item that’s already been produced. That means renting, selling, giving a bag a second life.

If your bag is scuffed up and no longer has that ‘new bag feeling’ take it to the spa, give it a touch up or simply moisturize it and if you still aren’t in love with it, resell it – someone out there is dreaming of your bag. You can also purchase accessories that are meant to extend the life of your bag that can include bag repair products and accessories to spice up your bag and fall in love all over again.

P.S…. Renting is sustainable, you don’t have to give up buying trendy bags!


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