Instagram Account Disabled By Mistake – Here is How to Get it Back

By Kikemonk
November 30, 2021

What is happening with Instagram?

In the last few months, many reputable business accounts have been disabled. Unfortunately, nobody knows why, and the platform is notorious for not providing members with fast solutions or explanations.



Instagram is one of the most popular Social Media platforms, and it is also one of the most used platforms for advertising. Unfortunately, in Instagram’s attempts to keep their community safe, we at Luxe Du Jour, like many others, keep being wrongfully disabled by the Algorithm.


Our Story

It all started the day before Black Friday, November 25th, around 5:30 pm. Our team was excited for our Black Friday Sale and getting ready for it when we were suddenly disabled from the IG world. But this is not the first time our team has gone through this.



Last year, around the same time (October 2020), our account was disabled for the first time. So we can say it’s not our first rodeo, and we are hoping we will recover our account in no time. 

Given the number of reputable companies that have been through this, we wanted to provide some information on what has worked for us in the past and hopefully help you get your account back! (and ours, for the second time)


Here is what to do if your account is disabled. 

Instagram has three different links, one for intellectual property violation, one for mistakenly deleted accounts, and one for violating their Community Guidelines. 

Here are the links:

  1. You believe your account has been disabled due to repeat intellectual property violations or for sharing fraudulent or misleading content. Here is the direct link.
  2. You believe your account was deactivated by mistake. Here is the direct link. 
  3. Your account was deactivated for not following Instagram’s Community Guidelines, and you think this was a mistake. Here is the direct link.

If you don’t know why your account was deactivated (this is a recurring issue for many), we recommend using form number 2. It can take as long as weeks or as little as 24 hours to recover your account. It all depends on your specific case and other factors on Instagram’s end. We are currently waiting for an answer to get our account back.


Our Advice

Be patient and stay positive. Try to find other ways and platforms to engage and communicate with your clients. In other words, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 


We can’t wait to go back to your IG feed with our main account. In the meantime, follow us on our backup account @luxedujour2 for new arrivals and updates. You can also join our email list and be the first to receive updates and special deals: Click here. 


If you have gone through a similar situation, we would love to hear from you.

Share your experience in the comment box.