Instagrammer Burglarized of over $500,000 After Posting Her Glamorous Lifestyle

By Kikemonk
July 14, 2021


Influencers love documenting their lavish lifestyle, their expansive designer handbag collections and the world is clued into their lives which sometimes grabs some unwanted attention and puts them at risk of being robbed. In a recent event, Tamara Kalinić, who is a fashion influencer, was recently burglarized and this was not her first time. Imagine collecting unique limited edition bags for years and having that all gone in a matter of seconds while on vacation or out for an event. Her handbag collection was estimated to be worth over $500,000! Although they are just material items, there is still that financial and mental aspect that affects the victim. 


Tamara kalinic


We see this now too often because of how much information people are posting publicly on social media. Here are some tips we recommend to prevent such incidents:

  1. Do NOT share real-time stories or updates. If you are on vacation, do not post on your Snapchat, IG stories or live that you are away from your home. This gives burglars an easy window to plan an invasion knowing you are not home and that the way is clear for them to empty your closets. Instead, post pictures and videos of places only when you have left them to mislead potential thieves. The same goes for announcing any upcoming events you might be attending. If you are excited to go to an all-day event, it might be a wise decision not to announce it, but if you need to, then at least have extra security in place.

    Tamara kalinic

  2. Be careful who you invite to your home. Whether it’s a party, a dinner or a small get together, sometimes our friends and family don’t know that their location is turned on and they might think it’s just a harmless snap, video or tag, but it only takes that one stalker to easily find out where you live. For example, if one of your friends or family happens to snap a video or picture outside your home or the surrounding area, then it is like giving your address to those thieves on a silver platter. 

    Tamara kalinic robbery
  3. Don’t make your routine obvious online. If you go to the gym every morning, try to avoid the time stamp filter that indicates the current date and time because someone might find out what times you are always out and away from your home. If you go to work everyday, try not to make it obvious what your work schedule is like. This will prevent burglars from knowing your schedule and what times you are always away.

 Tamara Kalinic


These are some tips we recommend if you like to showcase your beautiful luxury collection online. Aside from these great tips to keep you safe, we have also noticed a lot of our clients have been downgrading their closets and becoming minimalist. They have simplified their closets to have the basics and essential handbags that are versatile and that they can wear most often. They are still getting the benefits of wearing fun, trendy bags and refreshing their closet by RENTING! You know what they say: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” which is equivalent to what we are trying to say here.. Don’t put all your money into your closet! Imagine refreshing your closet with something new every week, month or season without hoarding and running out of closet space. This is one of the many great reasons why you should rent!


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