Investment Guide June 2021

By Kikemonk
June 28, 2021

Ever wondered which bags are the best investments? Or which ones you should buy new or pre-loved? If you are interested in making spending your money smarter than we are here to help!

We have created a collection of bags that we recommend buying in store and one’s we absolutely DO NOT. Every month we will be sharing a few of these bags! Let’s start with the DO NOT BUY’s! We have seen these bags decrease by up to 70% of their retail value within a year!

The Large Lady Dior

The large Lady Dior retails for approximately $7000 in store which we find absolutely absurd. In the pre-loved market we have seen them average $3000 at most. Due to the more unpopular size and the resale value, we do not recommend buying this new. Save thousands and buy pre-loved!

The Balenciaga City Bag

Unfortunately due to their shape, the city bags age very fast. Wear and tear is extremely common making them decrease in value quickly. Because of the casual nature of these bags and the expectation that the owners are supposed to “break them in”, they become more distressed than other bags. This of course does not help the resale value. The city bag retails for around $2500 and we have seen them as low as $600 pre-loved!

Now let’s move on to the ABSOLUTELY YES BUY’s. These are bags that have kept or increased in value over the years and will continue to do so! If you are offered one of these bags, jump on it! You won’t regret it!


The Mini Hermes Evelyne

These mini bags are trending HOT and selling for up to $1000 over retail price! Not to mention that they sell within minutes! Why? The Evelyne Mini’s are not always on display or for sale at the Hermès boutique! SA’s often have these saved for their favourite clients! If you are offered one in any colour, DO NOT pass it up! It will not only hold it’s value but you can sell it for much more than you bought it for!

The Chanel Boy Bag

Exclusively Black Caviar in Old Medium. The Boy Bag retails for approximately $7500 and the resale value is very close to that. Most sell for over $6000 in excellent condition and they fly off the shelves! The most popular size is the old medium (25cm), we would definitely recommend this size. There is often a waitlist to purchase these in stores which creates a huge demand on the pre-loved market. Although rare, sometimes Chanel will release a batch of them so make sure you are on top of your SA if you would like to purchase new!