Is investing in a Gucci bag really a good idea?

By Kikemonk
January 25, 2022

Is investing in a Gucci bag really a good idea?

There was a time in 2017 where we saw all the influencers, celebrities, Youtubers and rappers fawning over Gucci. I blame lil pump and his catchy lyrics. 

Here’s the thing with Gucci: you truly pay for the high quality craftsmanship. Their bags are built to last. They are made with the highest quality materials and they are the perfect bag to pass down generation to generation. Purchasing a Gucci bag is always worth the price tag. However, it is very rare to resell your Gucci at a profit. 

Our definition of investment bag is a bag that can be resold at its same value or at a mark-up. So essentially a “Unicorn” bag. For brands like Chanel and Hermès we always recommend investing in rare colors, materials and a unique bag. These bags can be sold at a mark-up very easily. Gucci however can lose its value over time and will be resold at a slight loss. We always recommend buying Gucci preloved. They maintain their shape and quality however you are always able to get a Gucci bag at a good deal on the resell market.

Here are top picks for Gucci bags:


1.Gucci Marmont



 2.Gucci Dionysus


3.Gucci Crossbody

4.Gucci Jackie 

We want to hear from you! What’s your favourite investment bag?