Jamie Chua’s Top Bag Care Picks

By Luxe Du Jour
August 3, 2022

Jamie Chua has a 700 sq ft closet filled with over 200 Hermes bags…our queen.  Jamie Chua owns a mini pochette which is around $11,800 USD which she has referred to as “useless” due to it being only able to fit a tissue and credit card. She also owns a white gold  Crocodile Himalayan Birkin which is diamond encrusted… 245 diamonds to be exact. She says it’s her prized possession and if there was ever a fire, that’s the one thing she would save. Jamie has stated her favourite bags are Kellys and Birkins and has one for every occasion. 

Our Bag Enthusiast, Jamie, showed off her favourite bags and her tips for upkeep using our products… AHH!

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Bag Enthusiast, What is your dream handbag?