Louis Vuitton Is Investigate A Counterfeit Allegiation in Changsha

By Luxe Du Jour
May 25, 2022

Did Louis Vuitton Changsha Guojin LV counter sell a counterfeit handbag?

News broke out that “The counters of Louis Vuitton in Changsha International Finance Centre are selling counterfeit goods”. It made waves on the internet and quickly spread to many surrounding cities. According to reports, Ms. Luo (the client) bought a Vaugirard handbag at the price of 18,700 yuan, roughly $3581 CAD.

Ms. Luo, suspected the bag seemed like a counterfeit and sent it to an appraisal agency (China Inspection and Certification Group Hunan Co.) for inspection and the appraisal agency deemed the handbag is NOT an authentic Louis Vuitton. From there, Ms. Luo filed a lawsuit against Louis Vuitton. The case was judged and the Louis Vuitton store had to refund the 18,700 yuan as well as compensate three times the purchase price, the lawyer fees and cost of the litigation for the case. The store during the court case filed to provide evidence the bag was legitimate, while Ms. Luo had her store receipt and the appraisal.

Louis Vuitton’s PR team on May 20th 2022 issued a statement declining the accusation and asked for the court to correct the original judgement. On May 22nd, Liu Zhou, a partner of Hunan Tiandiren Law Firm stated “Louis Vuitton International Gold Store does not necessarily sell fake bags! They lost the ability to provide evidence, and it could not directly explain that the bags involved in the case it sold were fake bags. Liu Zhou checked the relevant information and found that the bodies of the Louis Vuitton handbags produced before March 2021 do not have the traceability code to prove the unique identity information, only the year code, also called the date code and serial number.”

Please note, Ms. Luo’s bag was purchased in 2020.

The aftermath of this incident resulted in many customers returning their bags to the Changsha store and asking for appraisals of their products to prove their authenticity. Serial numbers can be faked and they aren’t a “unique ID card”. Proof of authentic Louis Vuitton products has become a full-time job.

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Bag Lovers, what are your thoughts on this situation?