Louis Vuitton, Rihanna & Pharrell – the Triangle Challenging & Redefining Luxury Men’s Bags (The Luxe Du Jour Hot Take)

By Luxe Du Jour
July 13, 2023

When the worlds of pop & r‘n’b collide with luxury fashion accessories, an expectant, glowing Rihanna is what you can expect on major billboards sporting the Spring–Summer 2024 Louis Vuitton men’s bag collection. A clever marketing gambit or a challenge to traditional, gender-aligned product endorsement, this campaign is a debut for Happy hitmaker Pharrell Williams, the recently anointed Men’s Creative Director for Louis Vuitton

Reclaiming Luxury: Re-Circling the Story from the Streets

Dubbed the new chapter in the Speedy Bag’s evolution, its contemporary adaptation “conjures the bustling energy of Canal Street in New York with a heritage silhouette” and was Pharrell’s “early education in luxury”. GQ Magazine reports that the Speedy was the first bag Pharrell ever bought from Manhattan’s Canal Street.  The Speedy line was one of the hottest commodities to own back in the 2000s, and the streets of Manhattan, NYC, were one of the places where you could discover cheap, bootlegged, pastel-shaded remakes of such Speedy bags. With Pharrell’s vision to recapture and repurpose “a diverse energy and hustle mentality” of Manhattan into the 2023–2024 men’s bag collection, he envisions reclaiming the disruptive force of the counter-culture and blurring the boundaries between high and low cultures. And who better to do that than a long-time music collaborator, fashion icon and trailblazer: Rihanna!

Breaking the Bounds: With Men’s Luxury Accessories 

Set against the backdrop of Musée d’Orsay in Paris, the promotional video and accompanying shots feature Rihanna wrapped around in multicolored, LV-monogrammed bags showing off a proud baby bump. The campaign is photographed by Keizo Kitajima and styled by Cynthia Lu & Matthew Henson – Pharrell’s long-time collaborators. Rihanna is the ultimate definition of a genre-defying maverick that doesn’t fit into one fashion statement mold. She has been rewriting cultural paradigms pertaining to fashion, consistently hopping from luxury apparel, streetwear or avant-garde. Anne of Carversville quotes the official campaign press release: “Personified by a pregnant Rihanna—a symbol of human empowerment and the quintessential everyday icon—the men’s campaign reflects the re-contextualization at the core of Pharrell Williams’ approach to the Maison.”

The new men’s Speedy Bag line is a standout in this collection and has been reimagined and adapted for the modern man. The new iteration of the Louis Vuitton bags kept its trapezoid lines and shape of the classic Speedy. With its interior construction allowing it to collapse and drape naturally during everyday wear, the latest Speedy pieces add to a touch of casual elegance to any fashion ensemble. The Monogram design on the bag is silkscreen-printed, creating a blurry, artisanal effect. In multiple hues. Across nine dimensions. This unique design element adds a touch of modernity to the timeless silhouette of the Speedy bag.

Luxe Du Jour: Consistently Elevating Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fashion Accessibility 

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