Luxe Bag Rental Is The Airbnb of Bags

By Luxe Du Jour
June 29, 2022

Luxe Bag Rental is the Airbnb of bags.

You can “Rent to own” or “Rent and Return”

Rent to Own: Have you ever purchased a bag and regretted your choice afterward? If so, rent to own is for you. At Luxe Bag Rental, you can try any handbag from our designer’s collection before you commit to it and avoid the hassle of reselling it. 

Rent and Return: Looking for the perfect bag to complete your look? No matter the occasion, we have something for you. Our rent and return program allows you to rent to complete a one-time look for a special occasion. 

Renting designer handbags is becoming more popular than ever. It is a way of diversifying your style and only committing to the bag if you really fall in love with it. In addition, renting allows you to try different brands and designs and decide what suits your style best. Luxe Bag Rental believes that you should not have to limit yourself to one look when it comes to your style. We are your closet in the cloud. With us, you can rent designer handbags to match any style you want to explore. Renting is a great idea because it allows you to wear the latest trends, save money and only fill your closet with items you love and will use more than once.

Luxe Bag Rental is also environmentally conscious – we are working on lowering the carbon footprint of bag enthusiasts. The rental model gave us the opportunity to ensure we lend out authentic designer handbags for a fraction of the cost of buying, while helping be sustainable for the environment. Who doesn’t love looking great while being environmentally cautious?

Luxe Bag Rental makes it easy. Here is how it works: 

 Did you know if you live locally in Calgary, you have the option of a weekend rental? DM us to learn more!

Bag Enthusiasts, have you tried Luxe Bag Rental yet?