Luxe Du Jour’s Dedication To Sustainability

By Kikemonk
July 5, 2021

Here at Luxe Du Jour, our mission is to make luxury sustainable. We are different than the fast fashion culture because we incorporate the ‘Reuse, Reduce, Recycle’ approach into every service and product we offer. When you shop with Luxe Du Jour, you are shopping sustainable and reducing your carbon footprint.

authentic preloved designer bags
  • Buying and Selling pre-owned makes up for a huge portion of our company and we do everything we can to encourage shopping pre-loved by connecting our worldwide clientele of buyers and sellers through our trusted platform. We offer the lowest consignment rates in the market so that consignors get the most money back in their pocket, up to 90%! By being able to provide a safe place for consignors and buyers to shop and sell securely, we are able to re-home hundreds of thousands of designer luxury handbags. This helps reduce further new production and allows everyone to access luxury at an affordable price. 
rent authentic preloved luxury bags
  • Renting by Luxe Bag Rental which is owned by Luxe Du Jour is another great service we recently launched to provide accessibility into the luxury world. We understand that not everyone can just buy a $5000 designer handbag, but sometimes it’s nice to wear a beautiful designer piece occasionally. That’s why we offer bag rental at an affordable fraction of the cost to our clients. This rental aspect helps us recycle bags often and reduces the amount of consumers purchasing replicas. Instead, they can have a taste of luxury and rent the bag of their dreams without breaking the bank!

restore repair designer bags

  • Restoration and Repair by Luxe Bag Spa which is also owned by Luxe Du Jour is dedicated to bringing bags back to life! We don’t want to see bags get abandoned just because it is damaged, scuffed or stained. Our bag spa is giving those older scuffed bags another chance at being loved by offering a wide array of restoration, cleaning and repair services. This service helps reduce the amount of bags thrown away and newly purchased ones because clients will be able to love and wear their bag again after repair.

  • Luxe Bag Spa currently has a very small line of just 2 cleaning and protection products which will help clients maintain and care for their high-end designer handbags. The purpose of our company selling and encouraging care products is so consumers treat and care for their handbags to increase their longevity. By offering the best quality, most high-end products that took over 1 year to launch, each product will extend the lifetime of your most cherished possessions, which will also lead to loving and enjoying those bags longer. Preventative measures are always the best!

wox converter wallet on chain

  • Luxe Du Jour’s branded products and handbag accessories are often developed and launched if we think it could repurpose a bag or extend the longevity of a bag and its use. For example, our WOC Converters that turn wallets in a Wallet on chain bag are intended to repurpose wallets so they don’t necessarily need to buy a completely new bag all the time since most consumers have a standard size wallet in their collection. Another example is our WOC base shapers which is another care product that will protect the base of your bag while maintaining the shape and will make it look like new. We only try to launch classic everlasting products that aren’t a part of fast fashion or trending accessories that might go out of style. Every new product launch is designed with a ‘Repurpose’ or ‘Reuse’ approach.

Aside from all the great services and products we offer here at Luxe Du Jour, we also try to include the RRR’s in our work environment and work culture. Something we love to do and have been doing for 5 years at Luxe Du Jour is always reusing shipping boxes. Whenever we get shipments in from all over the world, you might be surprised to see your order shipped in a reused discrete box. Do not be discouraged if the packaging does not look high-end because we do ensure your order is always packaged securely to protect your item from any damage during transit. Reusing packaging has resulted in 0 stolen parcels even though all our parcels are insured through our company. As well as reducing waste!

To learn more about how Luxe Du Jour contributes to saving the planet and reducing carbon footprint, or to make suggestions on how we can improve please do not hesitate to contact our customer care line 1-833-746-7589.