Luxury Designer Home Decor Tips and Tricks

By Luxe Du Jour
August 9, 2022

Your closet can be designer. Why can’t your home? 

Here are some of our tips to make your home more luxurious: 

Use small accents to bring out the high end feeling. 

Less is more, as they say. The key is making your home feel comfortable. Here are some examples of smaller accent items that you can pair in your home with no designer-name furniture but can really elevate your home in a very tasteful way.

Luxury Fine China:

This Medusa Gala  Versace dish is such an affordable piece that can be placed on your formal dining table or displayed in your china cabinet.

The Mosaique Hermes china collection is more on the pricier side. It has many more colour options. It will definitely become  a statement china piece for your cabinet and can really elevate your home and add a pop of subtle colour.

Pillows & Throws: 

For the bedroom or living room, we highly recommend the Hermes Avalon throw blanket for a sophisticated look. The Hermes blankets come in amazing neutral colours that can easily work with any home. This throw gives a warm comforting feel and has a subtle logo. 

If you aren’t much of a throw blanket type, then we recommend adding the Hermes Avalon throw pillow to your bed or couch, but not necessarily both in the same area. Our design experts say you don’t want everything to start matching in a single area. Always try to keep your home accessories in the same color family to keep the elevated, timeless  look.

Coffee Table Decor:

When it comes to table decor, we recommend designer books. These can be displayed in your walk-in closet vanity, coffee table or in your home office. Limit yourself to 3 designer books in a sectioned area and add other non-designer decor around it to cohesively tie it all together. Plants are great to bring it to life and gold or silver accents can add that pop of luxury. Candles and a tray are also a great option.

Classy and Sophisticated: 

Youthful and Fun:

What you want to avoid  is overdoing how many books and flowers are on the table, if you are going for a sophisticated, mature luxury home. However, adding more flowers and books  is great if you want a younger, playful home. We suggest staying away from too many colourful books paired with too many colorful flowers – we want the home to remain in the same color family to create a cohesive look. 

Here is an example where you can still pair some designer books with some flowers to maintain sophistication.


Something you might want to avoid is a collage of multiple canvas art all about designers. This style is a fad and overtime will go out of style. However, if this is something you love, go for it! When playing with designer canvas art, we only recommend it if you want to add youthfulness to your home and to limit the pieces to a more personal and private area of the home such as your walk-in closet, bathroom, home office, bedroom.


We recommend staying away from overly printed and oversized decor items that draw too much attention. We recommend subtle prints that hint towards the brand, while logos with the brand name spelled out can be too much and draw too much focus. The key to elegant decor is balance. 

Bag Enthusiast, We want to hear from you! What are some of your luxury home decor tips?