Man of The Year: Formula 1 Driver Max Verstappen

By Luxe Du Jour
August 24, 2022

Max Verstappen officially got the Luxe Du Jour award for “Brother Of The Year”. Verstappen is a Formula 1 race car driver. He is known for his winning mentality and his unbelievable talent. While he has nick names such as “Mad Max” and “Ticking Time Bomb”, a video has surfaced showing his softer side.  Verstappen recalls what was on his mind when he crossed the line to score his first points. He lets the interviewer know he promised his sister Victoria a handbag when he scored his first points in Formula 1. He was quoted saying: 

“The funny thing, at the beginning of the season, I promised her a handbag when I scored my first points, so, that happened in Malaysia and that’s the first thing that I was thinking about when I crossed the line. Okay, now I have to buy my sister a handbag.”

Max Verstappen currently holds the Formula 1 Championship title and he holds our Bag Enthusiast hearts. Now, judging by his sister’s instagram, he definitely got her the bag!

Bag Enthuaists, What would your proudest accomplishment bag be?