Men’s Handbags Overtaking the Sneaker-head Market

By Luxe Du Jour
September 1, 2022

Sneakerheads are similar to bag enthusiasts except for rare and unique sneakers. Complex brought sneakerhead culture to light with their series of sneaker fanatics and their walk through of their top sneakers and how their collection started. You may have heard of this series, when Bella Hadid stated; “If he comes through in these, homeboy’s gonna, like get it”. The sneakerhead culture has 17 year olds, showcasing their one million dollar collection that only grows in value. However, there is a slight shift in the men’s luxury resale space. There’s a search for rare men’s luxury  handbags. 

At Luxe Du Jour, we have luxury handbags for all, we have men’s shoes, accessories and handbags, or better known as “satchels”. Men are often expanding their bag collections with brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Hermes. They often search for messenger bags, luggage, duffles and sling bags. Any collaboration with a brand that is a limited edition has the highest resale value.  A prime example would be Supreme x Louis Vuitton or any of the rare Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton drops. With all the F/W 2022 runway shows underway, we are seeing more men’s bags on the runways, and options for male handbags have grown. Dior recently offered a new take on its signature Saddle Shoulder Bag for men. 

This year, Adidas x Gucci released a collection of luxury tracksuits and sneakers. While some of the items are still available, they are already reselling on StockX. The men’s handbag market isn’t going to replace or take over sneakerheads, but it is building off the market. Soon, a matching shoe and bag combo will work for hundreds of thousands. Men that are into investments are realising that collection bags are a great long-term purchase. It was announced earlier this year that handbags are recession-proof, especially in instances like Chanel Bags. Many sites have seen a spike in men looking into Birkin bags for investments. It has been said that a Birkin is a better investment than gold (and often higher resale). 

What is the interest all of a sudden? For starters, market reports on luxury handbags, celebrities embracing gendless fashion and passive income can be nice. Men are realizing that luxury handbags aren’t just fashion, they are investment.

Bag Enthusiast, What is your tips and tricks for anyone entering the luxury resale market?