New Product Alert: Luxe Bag Spa Deodorizer

By Luxe Du Jour
July 21, 2022

Stay Calm, Luxe Bag Spa just announced a new product for their handbag care line!

Introducing *clears throat* Luxe Bag Spa’s Deodorizer! Permanently removing smells of musk, smoke, perfumes, along with other unwanted or unpleasant odours.

Luxe Bag Spa deodorizer is safe on exterior and interior leathers and fabrics. 

How to use: 

Apply this product holding the spray nozzle a few inches away from leather or fabric. Dispense 1-2 sprays, evenly spraying the surface area. 

Wait for the product to fully dry before adding additional products to achieve desired results. 

This product is not a cleaning agent.

Remove, don’t mask! 

Available Now:

Calgary Bag Enthuaists, this product is available for pick-up at the Calgary head office…by appointment only.