Queen Elizabeth’s: What’s In My Bag

By Luxe Du Jour
June 8, 2022

My favorite videos to watch on YouTube are “what is in my bag?”..  I always watch and once someone explains the purpose of an item in their bag, I run and put it in my purse. Tape is the one thing I carry around that people think is strange – but the amount of times it has come in handy, I don’t regret that purchase.

To me, an iconic video was Gigi Gorgeous pulling a hammer out of her Balenciaga City Bag because her bestie’s ex was acting up. However, the queen stating she keeps a marmalade sandwich in her bag in case she gets hungry, is next level iconic. To make things even better, all her bags are bespoke with light-weight grained- suede lining. She keeps a sandwich in her custom purse. Oh…to be the queen. 

However, her essentials include her reading glasses, fountain pen, handkerchief, mints and a portable hook to hand her bag wherever she goes. She carries treats for her corgi dogs and a crossword puzzle. She also keeps a pen knife like a true former girl guide. Our nostalgic queen keeps a diary and a small camera to take pictures when she meets people. She also has a pair of binoculars for when she visits horse races. To touch up, she carries around fuchsia lipstick (exact color unknown) and a compact mirror. Speaking of makeup, she keeps a few mementos – one gifted to her from Prince Phillip – a small metal makeup case.

Her royalty also carries around good-luck charms, including miniature dogs, horses, saddles and brass horsewhips, which were mostly gifts given to her from her children in addition to a handful of family photographs.

The queen doesn’t carry around a phone. She has one but doesn’t use it. While many of us feel lost without a phone, it’s been said she feels lost without her purse (she’s one of us).  It is said her purse is her most prized possession and valued tool. Her purse is her “comfort blanket”. Her purse plays a role in managing her public life.

Bag Lovers, what do you carry around in your purse?