Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

By Kikemonk
January 12, 2022

Did you know? A lot of this fashion waste comes from the fact that we buy too much, then never get around to wearing it before it expires in style or loses its appeal.

Circular fashion for designer handbags is a new way to give consumers new options when it comes to seeking out authentic and original designer pieces, while simultaneously reducing our impact on the environment. Now that’s something to smile about!

What is circular fashion?

Circular fashion is a concept in which consumers buy products that can be used over again. This way, instead of simply throwing them away when they wear out, these products can have a second life—either by being repurposed or reused in some way.

How does buying used designer bags helps circular fashion?

How it all fits together. Designer handbags can be expensive but if you take care of them they can last a long time. Before it’s time to upgrade, look into selling your used bag online or in consignment shops to recoup some of your costs before buying that coveted new bag!

Buying secondhand is both more sustainable for our planet and for your wallet!


When it comes down to fashion, recycling items extends their life cycle and helps eliminate waste—and using non-renewable resources like metal, leather, nylon and fur—so we can save them for future generations.


Luxe Du Jour and Circular Fashion

At Luxe Du Jour we are looking to revolutionize consumers current throw-away style of fashion by helping used designer bags find a new home. Buying pre-owned luxury makes a difference every day in how things get made and how much waste goes into landfills. Circular fashion takes creativity into account when designing each product line – it’s up to us as consumers to figure out how we want that circle of sustainability around us to look once it gets filled back up again. The future will be bright if we keep taking small steps towards turning waste into something useful and beautiful again.



Some of our Allies:

Rue Cambon Vintage sells upcycled designer jewelry from vintage buttons and zippers. They create one of a kind designs… authentic and one of its kinds? Sign us up. Rue Cambon Vintage is also made in Canada, and prides themselves on only using quality materials and findings.

The Bougie Bag creates accessories that help extend the life of your designer handbags by protecting them when they aren’t in use, plus they are very stylish and make closet organizing so much easier (three birds, one stone?). These handcrafted dust bags come with an image of your bag.



What does the future hold for circular fashion? When you buy a used handbag or pair of shoes, you’re not just helping save money, but also help reduce waste from landfills.Plus, when you buy used designer bags, it keeps these hard to-find designs on our planet instead of simply pushing them into obscurity.

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