Summer Trend: Bright Colours

By Luxe Du Jour
July 7, 2022

It’s summer, which means bright colours are in! One of our favourite  summer trends right now are pastels, neons and bold colours. Never be afraid to style a bold colored bag, colour blocking is in and adding a pop of colour to your outfit is never out of style. 

We have no shortage of bright colored bags. Here are our top picks for bright summer bags!

Hermes Mini Lindy:

The lindy hop is not only a fun and flirty dance. It’s also a spacious mini bag in a vibrant pink, sure to dress up any outfit! 

Hermes Kelly 28:

Business in the front, party in the front? This bag is perfect for work and a night out with the girls. The colour is still neutral enough to be paired with any outfit and vibrant enough to still be bold. 

Chanel M/L Classic Flap:

A classic flap, this is an investment bag – it’s like a beautiful stock that you can wear. It’s the NFT IRL of fashion. You are not limited to buying only 1 classic flap at luxe, you could buy 10 in a day and we wouldn’t stop you… just saying. 

Chanel Shearling Boy Bag:

This is the all-seasons bag – the colour says spring/summer, the shearling says fall/winter. Which means its great for any season, any look, any vibes and any style. 

Hermes Constance Slim:

Psst…this would work perfectly with one of our WOC Converters, perfect for concert season, or if you only need to pack your cards and ID.

Chanel Mini Rectangle:

Wearing a cocktail dress this summer? This bag is perfect for fitting your phone, wallet, lipstick, mints and anything else you may need – so your hands are free; to network, mingle and take cute photos. This bag is beautiful and matches anything you might be wearing. 

Celine Lizard Box Bag:

While this isn’t as bright as all the other bags, the blue still gives that understated pop of colour. The lizard material makes the bag feel luxurious and elegant. 

Bag Enthusiast, what’s your ultimate summer dream bag?