The Hermès Barenia Faubourg Leather

By Kikemonk
December 3, 2021

Barenia is a high-quality, uncommon calf leather that has long been used by Hermès’ equestrian division. Barenia Faubourg is the latest leather that is similar to Barenia but has a grainy texture.

Barenia is important for two reasons. It’s one of Hermès’ original saddle leathers, and it requires a unique tanning procedure that only a select few craftsmen know. Barenia is double-tanned in chromium and vegetable dyes, then soaked for 5-6 weeks in a mixture of 9 different oils. 

What is Barenia Faubourg Leather

The Barenia Faubourg leather is a hybrid between the water-resistant smooth Barenia leather and the scratch resistance of the grainer Togo/ Clemence leather. Because the Barenia Faubourg has a grainy surface it helps disguise scratches that would be more visible on smooth leather surfaces, such as the classic Barenia Leather.


  • Soft 
  • Has a texture that helps disguise scratches 
  • More durable than Barenia


  • Scratches easier than Togo/ Clemence 
  • Rare/ harder to find
  • How to Care for your Barenia Faubourg Leather

    Caring for your luxury handbag is a must. The Hermès Barenia Faubourg leather is a soft leather that is prone to scratching. However, because of its grain and texture, the leather is more durable than it seems. Just rubbing or massaging the leather will help reduce the scratches. If the scratches are a little deeper we recommend you use a soft horsehair brush and gently rub, in a circular motion, at the scratches. This should help reduce the appearance significantly. We also recommend moisturizing your bags regularly to prevent any further scratches. 

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